Letra de Lost and found

Agua De Annique

Letra de Lost and found de Agua De Annique
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( Agua De Annique )

"Lost and Found"

I sit in your chair
You are aware of me and my life
You speak of words that are unheard of
Though many await your time

The Belgian men with the Dutch accent
You are a shining star
Your hands, they reach through all of our lives
This far in the universe you are

You are, you are, you are!!!

The hardest thing in the world is to speak my fears
I am afraid to let go
My beautiful boys, I love you the most
With you I share my life in joy

In joy, in joy, in joy!!!

I sit in your chair
The room that we are in is filled with people from the past
It´s you who cares and all that I live for
Is to have a home that lasts

A home, a home, a home!!!

A home, a home, a home!!!
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