Letra de Crazy for you


Letra de Crazy for you de Adele
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Letra de Crazy for you de Adele.

( Adele )

Found myself today
Singing out your name
You said I´m crazy
If I am
I´m crazy for you

Sitting in the dark
Wishing you were here
Turns me crazy
But it´s you
Who makes me
Lose my head

And every time
I´m meant to be
Acting sensible
You drift into my head
And turn me
Into a crumbling fool

Tell me to run
And I´ll race
If you want me
To stop I´ll freeze
And if you are me
Gonna leave
Just hold me
Closer, baby
And make me
Crazy for you
Crazy for you

Lately with this state
I´m in I can´t help
Myself but spin
I wish you´d come over
Send me spinning
Closer to you

My oh, my
How my blood boils
It´s sweet taste for you
Strips me down bare
And gets me
Into my favourite mood

I keep on trying
These feelings away
But the more I do
The crazier I turn into

Pacing floors
And opening doors
You´ll walk through
And save me boy
Because I´m too
Crazy for you
Crazy for you
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