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Acid Drinkers

Letra de L.o.v.e. machine de Acid Drinkers
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( Acid Drinkers )

U know this is the end, when you're in her hands
and your desire is on the edge of madness
i know this feelin' - she often tormented me
i prefer to escape, than die in her bed
it's a compliment to her, to hear you screamin' all night
to see fallin', yeah, so slowly down and down
i will see your end between her hot thighs
i'll see your corpse, yeah! under her hungry body!
her dirty mind is possessed to f...
her burning brain is...
she cannot sleep, she's...
i must meet you, dirty pig!
but your sight makes me sick!
lammin', obstrusive, vulgar, emasculatin' machine