Letra de Five card stud

Ace Frehley

Letra de Five card stud de Ace Frehley
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Letra de Five card stud de Ace Frehley.

( Ace Frehley )

I was born the son of a car shark
with a deck in my hand
i'm the best at playing the game
i'm known throughout the land
At the tables you'll find me
a stack of chips by my side
poker gin or 21
a wining hand is my pride
Just cut the pack
i'll take the one-eyed jack
there's no holding back
i call your bluff
It ain't no crime
winning all the time
the money's on the line
I play for blood
i'm the 5 card stud
Don't try to con me
let's get it understood
you'll never get one past me
i know every trick in the book
I'll play you double or nothing
if you think you're so good
Lets go for broke
afraid you're gonna choke
got one slim hope
that ain't enough
Well you're outta luck
lost your bottom buck
i hit a royal flush
and i smell blood
i'm the 5 card stud

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