Letra de The oath


Letra de The oath de Accept
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Letra de THE OATH de ACCEPT.

( Accept )

Like a blade of a sword
I am forged in flame fiery hot
Tempered steel fire-bright
To the night I take
I fear not
Now compelled by something
I cannot see
I go forth surrendering to history

Your glory, I swear I ride for thee
Your power, I trust it rides with me
Your servant, I am and ever shall I be

Through a dream
I have a come to an ancient door
Lost in the mist
I?ve been there a hundred times or more
Pounding my fists
Now inside
The fire of the ancient burns
A boy goes in
And suddenly a man returns

I gave my word and gained a key
I gave my heart and set it free
There´s no turning back from this odyssey
Because I feel so alive suddenly
And I wonder, is this really me?