Letra de Intentionally accussed


Letra de Intentionally accussed de Abominant
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Letra de Intentionally accussed de Abominant.

( Abominant )

Feeling anxiety. Lost reality. Things I can´t believe.
Things I´ve seen. Wrapped in a dream. Are not
relieved. Persecuted all my life for lies I haven´t
done. A fugitive on the run. What did I do wrong?
Searching for evidence to clear my name. Piecing
together the truth day by day. Closing in fast. Got to
move. I cannot stop. My frustrations are burning
inside. The expressions I can no longer hide. A
challenging quest for freedom must not waste anymore
time. The past and present is my future. All
accusations are false. Father, I pray for my sake.
Help me before I´m caught. Intentionally accused.
Intentionally accused. Living in total secrecy.
Changing my name constantly. Hiding my images in
disguises. Going from city to city. Within nobody´s
reaches. A total stranger in the crowd. It´s up to me
to be free. Can´t go on living this way. Intentionally
accused. Intentionally accused.
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