Letra de Her

Aaron Tippin

Letra de Her de Aaron Tippin
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( Aaron Tippin )

What makes me get up every mornin'
When I can't find the will
And what keeps me goin' through the motions
When all my dreams are standing still
Why do I try so hard
How did I get this far
What is the bottom line each and every time

I do it for her
It's all about her
(Oh) God knows she gives me more than I deserve
Every thought I think
Every breath I breath
Everything that I hold dear to me
Revolves around one simple little word

There's times I take it all for granted
Just how fortunate I am
God knows it took a better woman to make me a better man
Oh, sometimes it don't show
Don't always let her know
What I couldn't live without
I know there ain't a doubt

(Repeat Chorus)

She's my life's work
And for all it's worth

(Repeat Chorus)

Talkin' about her