Letra de Memory

A City Serene

Letra de Memory de A City Serene
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( A City Serene )

A fairly distant heart was fooled by the face of an angel, soul of a coward
And now you swallow words I never thought you´d ever speak:
"You´re not worth shit."
You´ve never been more than a liar
Drown in this lust and leave it be

I´ll hold my breath.
I´ve set my heart on this too many times before, each memory a waste of thought.
Just hold your breath and kill to dream again, heart at the helm and I can´t stand to fall again.

Hold your breath.
You´ll need it for the weeks to come and go.
(You´ve become so week)
So leave me here to rot.
Again and again I see your face in my dreams

Everything is falling to the ground
And you cant tell me straight-faced you don´t like what you see
Your innocence is blinding everyone except for me

This is memory at It´s finest
And leaving a black note at the bottom of your heart, lets my nightmare come alive

Despise the voice of a sinner
Cut the throat of a lying snake
I´ll set this fire to the night In hopes you´ll burn
This is your turn.

Look me in the eyes as you watch me fucking drown.