Letra de My guardian angel

A Beautiful Silence

Letra de My guardian angel de A Beautiful Silence
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Letra de My guardian angel de A Beautiful Silence.

( A Beautiful Silence )

The way your hair falls across your face has always been a mystery to me
I don´t know why sure as hell don´t know how you seem to know everything
But maybe you´ve been here all along and maybe I´ve done something so wrong
That you just cant seem to let it go why cant you just let me go

I´ve lost it again
And I´m running scared
As your falling from heaven, heaven
To save me from sin and the life I lost

These imperfections lead in all directions but you´ve always kept me bold and clean
And my misfortune is your disappointed and you usher this boy through his life
When did I become so reliant on everything you say to me
This is my disaster and I´m falling faster so won´t you just let me be

You take my pain away
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