Letra de Ouvertura (en ingles)


Letra de Ouvertura (en ingles) de A(ace)
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Letra de Ouvertura (en ingles) de A(ace).

( A(ace) )

The first chime hides your wounds
the suffering tells of the end

In order to release the sleeping heart
now call for the time of waking

Only this melody from my chest can not be bound by anyone
It resounds towards a yet unseen world

Spread out your white-blue wings
Let?s cross the ocean of tears
Anywhere, on bright roads there together with the light
The transparent wind carries you
beyond the unknown sky
Because I want to show you
a paradise where all sorrows have disappeared
fly away

Cast away the broken body
Assemble under the command of this voice
Even now That door will open Ah

Giving that smile as you are
Let?s search the land of repose
Anywhere, on depressed days Reach out towards the future
Every lie will lose its meaning
Feel the sky melt together
Because I want to show you
A paradise fallen in blessings
fly away

You should fly away?
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