Letra de Koukyoushi freedom itanchou (en ingles)


Letra de Koukyoushi freedom itanchou (en ingles) de A(ace)
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Letra de Koukyoushi freedom itanchou (en ingles) de A(ace).

( A(ace) )

The burning walls of Berlin The fortress of crumbled grief
This world is wrapped up in a never-ending melody
A warcry flares up For the sake of demanding freedom
The moment you cast away everything and stand up one last time
Salva me? (Rescue me?)
Salva me? (Rescue me?)

Hearing the cry of a young child Questioning the meaning of why you were born
A cry that is like reaching your hand towards the unreachable blue sky
A riddle that continues to wander The answer I?ll never meet
[It is there before you are born, after you are born it is gone]
Salva me? (Rescue me?)

Lady ?Freedom?
The thousands of days I tore apart with you
Anyone who seeks her course will wander today as well
I want to meet you, I want to meet you, the unreachable hope becomes stronger
The form I still can?t see has been painted within my illusions
It?s smiling insanely

The rulers of time briefly see a vision
Join and follow the omens of decay
Grasp at everything and anything without fulfilling something
Exchanging it for everything you shout [I want freedom] right
Salva me? (Rescue me?)

Lady ?Freedom?
The thousands of days I have been moved by you
Anyone who repeats the meaningless battle
Is forced to dance by the trembling history struggling for grief
Nothing but the blood of brothers and the heads of corpses
Are you not here

Lady ?Freedom?
If you were the gloom of night
I want to become and sing like a bird that warns for the morning
Anywhere anywhere while receiving the light that pours down
If I could meet you again one day
Let?s bury this starting with the time we have lost

In the middle of an endless journey, a dream of a defeated soldier
The moment I close my eyes and wait impatiently for the silence that finally comes
There you call me and softly kiss my cheek
Ah, the freedom of becoming immortal!
I vowed to never let go, right
Libera me (Free me)
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