Letra de Watch you

3rd Edge

Letra de Watch you de 3rd Edge
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Letra de WATCH YOU de 3RD EDGE.

( 3rd Edge )

Yeah, back again. Y´all know who it is. JE y´all c´mon
Mmm Mmm Mmm, damn girl, doin´ it like dat tonight?
Imma just sit right here, I ain´t goin´ nowhere

I can just watch you (Girl from the shower to the bed, I can´t help but stare)
Watch you (Uh Uh you don´t need that towel, you can stand right there)
All day I could watch you (I could record you, rewind you and girl I´d still wanna watch you)
I´d never get tired of watching you

[verse 1]
And I ain´t never had nobody, nobody who was so endowed
Tell the truth it´s kinda crazy, the way that you walk around
In your jeans or in ya undies, or you can wear just nothing at all
You´re the only thing for me and I can´t even find one flaw, yeah


[Verse 2]
Sometimes I feel like such a loser yeah, I just can´t stop now
Maybe I need another hobby, probably, but watchin´ you is playin´ now
Baby for real it´s like a play scene, and I got tickets to a front row seat
Surround sound and inspectro vision and baby I´m trippin´ cuz I don´t wanna stop now, no, no


Ridin´ dirty in the benz, me and Quick bought em´ off the goose and the hen
(in the hen yeah)
Uh, it´s kinda crazy mixin´ them, Bumper keep drinkin´ keep the green in the wind (in the wind)
Club over but we big on the strip, stepped up kinda hard front of all of her friends (all of her friends yeah)
Uh, baby I ain´t tryna box you in like them men do I just wanna watch you


I see you, everytime I close my eyes you be all up in my head
I feel you, and every chance to watch you move it´s like right back
to that bed girl
Need you, to sign me up for the watchers anonymous (just sign me up)
Ain´t stoppin´ this (Ain´t stoppin´ this)
Baby all I wanna do is just, just watch you