Letra de Tryna be your man

3rd Edge

Letra de Tryna be your man de 3rd Edge
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( 3rd Edge )

Introducing.....JE (owww)
Oh oh oh
Oh oh
Uh uh uh uh uh
Uh uh uh uh uh

1 - I scooped her
In the streets, in the jeep
Looking real fresh and clean

I scooped her
Ask my peeps, she´s a keeper
I keeps up with this girl

I´m not tryna be your friend
I´m tryna be your man
I´m not tryna be your friend
I´m tryna be your man

She can really really move in them little little short shorts
Tight, even your boy had to give a little
Said she wanted to hang with some real niggas
Have a little fun with my dawgs and even drink a little
She looked around quick then paused
Man her sexy face and said
"Aww, maybe we can should get a room for the night
Cuz you´re just what I like and it´s yours if you like, c´mon"

2 - If you want it baby, you can get it baby
Come home with me, it´s satisfaction guaranteed tonight

Repeat 1

I just wanna get a room for the night
Show you the rumors you heard, they was right
I do put it down in the bedroom love
Take you for a dip in a heart shaped tub
You on cloud 9, high like a dove
And I really really wanna give you all this love
You got the socket girl, I got the plug (you know what´s up)
I met the sweetest girl, yeah yeah

Repeat 2
Repeat 1

Just friends, baby that´s cool
But I´m tryna be your man
So maybe that ain´t all that cool
Come on back but, I ain´t no fool
Them lips and them thighs and that little little
Don´t stop when you´re workin the middle middle
I can´t let her go, gotta let her know
Can´t be a better girl, gotta be your man

Repeat 1