Letra de Intro

3rd Edge

Letra de Intro de 3rd Edge
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Letra de INTRO de 3RD EDGE.

( 3rd Edge )

[Piano plays]
La, la, la...
Oh, oh
Ghetto´s what you are
You´re my star
You´re my superstar
Yes you are
Without you near I can´t go
I can´t go far
You´re my superstar (superstar)
Yes you are
You´re the one I need
Yes you are
Let me lay you back (don´t you change a thing)
Check out this good talk (whoa, whoa)
Can´t fool myself
It´s you in my heart (you´re my superstar)
You´re my superstar
Girl, you´re beautiful as you are
Baby you´re, you´re, you´re like a rib from my body
Baby you got a wonderful body
Ain´t gonna read about nobody
All she needs is my body
To keep all the good ghetto love in her body
Say yeah
Ghetto yes you are
You´re my star
Whoa, whoa, whoa
All I can say is
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
Ghetto whoa, whoa, whoa...