Letra de Push it away


Letra de Push it away de 311
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Letra de PUSH IT AWAY de 311.

( 311 )

I used to have this idea that getting a silver medal wouldn't set me free oh but you know i really don't need the cash or fame, or credit. nor a big fat bank account with no debit. so just set me straight cuz even your peace of mind just can't wait
i'll send a telegram marked urgent, urgent
i hope it gets to my door, my big, big, door.
i'm going free if they kill me.
cuz this ain't much better anyway, so just push it away.
Oh success. that elusive brainchild of greed, something you want not need, face it cuz money can't by true friendship or trust. and applause will never be any substitute for love but not me man check it out!
(repeat chorus)