Letra de Large in the margin


Letra de Large in the margin de 311
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Letra de LARGE IN THE MARGIN de 311.

( 311 )

Large in the margin my drama unfolds behind closed doors
told on the down low i believe that i'm sold
but really i don't know
maybe it's better but i can't think so
maybe it's better to fight
one never ever knows
believe the rumors that grow like tumors
it's more fun than the truth that we know
trying too hard to reach a higher plain
Will fuck you up
when you least expect it
you think you're moving closer when suddenly you wrecked it
but all the same the pain gains wisdom
as if you ain't had enough then you're in some
prison of your own creation mental dilation
look at what you're facing placing blame in every direction
but in the end it's your own infection
there's no way to avoid listening
you'll always end up listening
here's hoping the voices aren't too unkind
here's hoping the voices are benign
it's easier when you hear it
there's no reason to fear it
it's you
You think they'll probably find you
well then you're probably right
cuz they'll come back to remind you
for eternity
of when you gave up the fight
somehow they always will find you
the voices in the night, every night
keep coming back to remind you
for eternity
of when you gave up the fight