Letra de West side


Letra de West side de 2pac
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Letra de WEST SIDE de 2PAC.

( 2Pac )

Yo yo coz I'm down 4 the west
So don't ever test yo what I got mother
Fucker I'll rip a hole in your chest
All these niggarz up in hea smokin my trees
Imma tell these mother fuckers to get down on
Their knees
Thats right bow down I got my niggar krissie g smokin
Her shit niggar pass me some of that
Here you go my brotha, yeh you treat yo sista right
Just remember when you get in a fight
You lil sista is alwayz gon be hea
You know bro this sis of yourz has no fear
Yeh I know that, thatz why imma get my bro biggie and
Fuck him up I don't want you fucking wid that
Yo my home girl you can do better than that

Peace out "west side"