Letra de P.y.t


Letra de P.y.t de 2pac
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Letra de P.Y.T de 2PAC.

( 2Pac )

Now tell me who´s afraid of these young thugs
Look how we came up out the gutter where we slung drugs
America... eats it´s babies
It´s crazy
Will somebody save me from this shit they might slay me
Got me in cuffs I´m gettin´ locked up daily
Send me to jail ´cause I rebel on what they tell me
My lifestyle´s got the law tryin´ to capture me
And then the courts and the whole force after me
I´m hittin´ niggas like they fences
It was senseless
It´s like the whole world´s against us
Then they wonder why I´m cusin´
Bustin´ at the world don´t trust ´em
Me and my homies sayin´ fuck ´em
Rollin´ in my 6.4. Impalla
All about makin´ dollars
Sometimes it makes me wanna holla out, it´s cool!
And if I´m motivated baby make a move
´Cause us thugs get lonely too... Now all I heard her sayin´ was... Female´s voice P.Y.T... Play young thugs
You need some lovin´
Our black men... they go to Radio State... Uhh...