Letra de Out on bail


Letra de Out on bail de 2pac
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Letra de OUT ON BAIL de 2PAC.

( 2Pac )

(gates from jail open)
2pac taking to guard:
Ohh I posted bail ?
I'm out this motha fucka ?
I can go !
Ohh fuck ya, ay fuck the jailage,
Fuck the motha fuckin district attorney,
The prosecuter, and fuck you motha fuckaz
In the jury box, fuck all ya'll, 'cause I'm out on motha
Fuckin bail, ya ain't neva gon see me in this motha
Fucka again, drop that shit em.
Let these hoe punk ass bitches know how we runnin
This shit, niggaz ain't goin back to court you stank ass bitches

Verse 1:
I'm stuck in jail the d.a.'s tryna burn me
I'll be out on bail if I had a good attorney
While they label me a criminal and cuff me up
Gotta pocket full of money so they ruff me up
I ain't trippin
In the county and I'm mad as fuck
Gotta record so they put me wit da baddest bunch
Everybody wanna talk 'cause I'm rappin
They askin me what happen ?
Iz it tru you did a flick wit janet jackson ?
I can't sleep they take the polaroid's
N' I'm tryna use da phone but they makin noize
Man I wish I had my glock 'cause it's major
I'm makin shanks out the plastic e-razors
These motha fuckaz wont leave me alone, that's my word
Bout to turn the violator to a motha fuckin murdah
I'm makin collect-calls to my old bitches
Send mo' pictures, and make me sum mo' riches
To all da suckaz on da block
Talkin shit while I was locked up
B prepard to be socked up
Cuz the game is deep
N' the fame is brief
N you bullshittin bitches ain't changin me
I came straight up out da gutter
I was saved from hell
N' I'mma thug, I was raised in jail
Now I'm out on bail

Chorus singing:
Out on bail ( you know what fuckin time it iz)
All of my niggaz (2)
Out on bail ( hey handle these 4 forties fo reel )
Thug life
We neva fail
Out on bail ( ay pass me my motha fuckin rolex, yes bitch that's presidential)
All of my niggas

Verse 2:
Stuck in jail, mad as a bitch, I'd b out on bail
If it wasn't fo tha snitch, runnin wild thru da streets like I'm loco
N' fuck da punk police and their chokeholes
I got no luv in my heart 'cause I'm heartless
Mobbin in the park afta dark wantin' to start shit
Rippin up the scene as a teen I was at it
Sellin products to the addicts 'cause they gotta have it
I was around, known thug and I gotta lotta lov hangin' wit da o.g.s shootin up the
And mama told me, don't hang wit the homies, but they got me if they need me
Then it's on g., got me sittin in this cell, a 5 by 7 will I finally get to go to
Ghetto heaven
Got my bitches on the outside writing me letters, they tellin me they love me and
Shit will get better, but I don't believe em, 'cause I juss got the news on the life
Take it how you wanna but yo picture's on file
I gotta b a playa, so stay strong
Cuz I know dat I wont b away long
And when I finally do hit the fuckin streets I'ma handle this
A thug nigga gettin scandalous, I'm out on bail

Chorus singing:
Out on bail
All of my niggaz (2)
Out on bail
Thug life
We neva fail
Out on bail
All of my niggas
(talkin over chorus)
( see, biatch, you know what time it is, out on bail,
Yo get me up out this ayo em. get me up out this motha fucka man
These motha fuckaz tryna harass a !!thug!! man I ain't goin thru this whole thing,
I'm out on bail, I'll see you motha fuckaz next year, that's that real thug shit,
You know what I'm sayin, I wouldn't b wastin yo time wit that bullshit baby,
That's that real shit,
That shit you can tell yo grand kids about, I ran wit a thug nigga, believe that,
This my motha
Fuckin nigga em and the motha fuckin boiz juss incase you wonderin, we doin that shit!