Letra de Is love enough


Letra de Is love enough de 112
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Letra de IS LOVE ENOUGH de 112.

( 112 )

Verse 1 girl i see you cryin and i know its cause of me you say you
Caught me cheatin and lyin constantly (but) i know you don't beleive me
Baby when i say that i will always love you. you say that you love me
Chorus but is love enough to make you stay with me? is love
Enough? to make you stop cryin' is love enough? to
Make you understand is love enough? verse 2 you
Know i caught you cheatin. heard that you been catchin
Thrills i heard you was spendin money. heard that
You been payin bills but boy i won't be petty. you
Will never hear me say her name you could have
Kept it from me boy you ought to be ashamed is
It enough you disrespected me make me stop
Cryin how will i understand chorus 2 is it
Enough is it enough my baby want you to know
That you're drivin me crazy you don't approve of
Everything i do but there is nothin stoppin me
From lovin you hands up i can't lie. i'm gonna love
You till i die and its hard as hell to leave you boy
No matter how i try but if i heard you're back wit
Her love won't be enough.