Letra de Enemies


Letra de Enemies de 112
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Letra de ENEMIES de 112.

( 112 )

I forget my ladies names
but never my enemies

they stay in my head
until i'll be dead

if i'm hating you
then you better start goin red
I got a tatoo of every name that i hate
i'm ahead of the game i'll be hunting you down
but i ain't no alexander the great

(chorus 2)
I'm a hater
Not a lover

emotion for destruction
i feel i need revenge
you gave me a black eye
It's time to say goodbye
invisble by night
after i'am done i'll have you
for steak and kidney pie

(Chorus 2)

I seen you talking sharp
your telling the world
his nothing to deal with
after i am done with you i'll be
telling i am a serial killer for real
like i told ya

(Chrous 2)

Enemies you always have
if your living the good life
or the bad
I learnt from my last life
man i can deal with one or two
But once there gone there
is always new
and sometimes the past comes
back to haunt you.

(Chrous 2)

(talking)lock your doors
and close your blinds and if you hear a knock call the cops