Letra de Til i say so

10000 Maniacs

Letra de Til i say so de 10000 Maniacs
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Letra de TIL I SAY SO de 10000 MANIACS.

( 10000 Maniacs )

chorus x2} I can tell that you feeling me> and from the corner of my eye>
see you checking me> but boy you better take it slow>´Cause you can´t pass go
´til I say so

When you made your move>
I knew it was on>
Tried to turn me out
>Wit ya looks and charm>Geuss you thought >You had this one won >You geussed
wrong>´Cause you the game just begun

>Do I look like>I was born yesterday>You
better find another girl to play>I must admit your game was kinda slick?>This
time you met ya match,i´m up on it>


Wanna take some time>And feel things
out >Stakes are high>and I got some doubts >Pressure´s on> Things are touch and
go> Should I raise you on >Or should i lay low

Yo baby your dangerous
you and your crew wanna hang wit us
maybe but you be acting so shady
you done picked the wrong ladies It be Kiely, T and AG, baby you feelin´ that?
You wanna bring us back? (uh)
You ain´t getting that (uh)
I´m sayin´ though, no gettin´
close ´til I say so
Take a step back,yo lay low
little Women getting them
pesos and pechos
Whoa, you don´t know,now you do
i´m tellin´ you to stand off
sorry cut your plans off Look all
you want but hands off (UH)
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