Letra de Baby im a do right

10000 Maniacs

Letra de Baby im a do right de 10000 Maniacs
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Letra de BABY IM A DO RIGHT de 10000 MANIACS.

( 10000 Maniacs )

I´m getting a little tired of your broken promises, promises
Looking at your pager seeing different numbers and numbers
Call you on your cell you´ hangin with the fellas the fellas
Hanging with my girls you always getting jealous n´ jealous
I was with you when you had no dollas no dollas
Hangin at the crib chillin´ with yo mamma yo mamma
Never fronted you never brought the drama the drama
Now you flip the script player please

No I´m not the one (Say it again, Say it again oh)
No I´m not the one (You do or you don´t)


You do or you don´t don´t
You will or you won´t won´t
No more, No more baby I´ma do it right
You can or you can´t can´t
Be a man, be a man man
No more, no more baby I´ma do it right


You treat me like a lady when you open doors n´ doors
But then you wanna front when you which yo boys yo boys
How you gonna play me when I bought yo clothes yo clothes
The ones that you been wearing when yo with yo dogs, yo dogs
You know you never thought I would have the nerve the nerve
So think about it more, since you at the curb the curb
Blowin´ up my pager, say you want a chance a chance
Listen when I say player please



I just wanna know, what happened to our love
We used to be best friends
Where did it go wrong
When ya gonna see, How good it is with me
I´m tired and I´m through with all you listen baby

Kiely (rap)

And yo you promised me a Kate Spade
But that was last year boy in the 8th grade
And you ain´t biggie baby boy
So no it ain´t one more chance
When you friends around you don´t want to hold my hand
And Yo you see a girl stylin and whilin inside the mix
Hopping out the whips the whips the 5 or 6
Yes fly chrome so pardon my tone
Here go a quarter go call Tyrone
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