Letra de A mis enemigos (en inglés)

Valentin Elizalde

Letra de A mis enemigos (en inglés) de Valentin Elizalde
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Letra de A mis enemigos (en inglés) de Valentin Elizalde.

( Valentin Elizalde )

This will ap whole ball jealous aija
Who died in the burn "

Still barking dogs
Signal voi progressing well
As the saying goes for those
That are talking about people who work
In a spirit that is not wavering,
That the wine will not sack ask your step
Do not walk with me playing
Ap that they risk their lives
Bring a super kick
Bring in the pod in the sights,
To talk to my shoulders for
That is not to paint alone x
I speak from the front
Perhaps fear the monkey
I know with whom raid
Come to the fate rifar

"Ezhele company lira Pure navojoa town of Guasave"

My nobody gave me anything
All I have is mine
With the sweat from my face I managed
What I wanted just life
I owe my parents so dear
Navojoa as you want Guasave
I always loved land
Ando strolling the strange without measure
Then came from last to visit my
Continue the family shrieking snakes
Removed from the path of those who truly
I appreciate here is a friend
Ia them singing this run
All my enemies
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