Letra de Redemption

D Creation

Letra de Redemption de D Creation
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Letra de Redemption de D Creation.

( D Creation )

The prayer is mine.
Approaching the sundown.
It´s somewhat divine.
An engaging tie.

I´ve made my commitment.
There is no withdrawal.
This one´s an agreement.
(redeem me)
I cannot be freed.

Abashing me.
I took the shame from you.
You should be grateful.
The way I am expires.
Keep in touch.
I´ll end my happiness.
I´m shy.

I am a fool.
Taking the blame.
Hurt me before I am gone.
The future is brighter.
Your hands will be clean.
Spite me before I am gone.
Abashing me.

I am a refund of the horrendous.
Calming you down.
I´m repulsing.

My will be done.
My testament.
I am releasing.
The shading.

Abashing me...

The shading.
Abashing me.
Hurt me now!

I am a fool...
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