Letra de The chop

Baby Bash

Letra de The chop de Baby Bash
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Letra de The chop de Baby Bash.

( Baby Bash )

Which way did he go?
Which way did he go?
Which way did he go?

[Chorus: A-Wax]
This ain´t nothin´ new to me
Look at what they do to me
Need to chill
Try to stop
Did dirt wit it now I gotta buy the chop

[Baby Bash]
I´m in my mama rent a car wit 10 and a half pounds
No DL´s and innocent amount of rounds
Wit my mind on my mansion
I´m smashin´ up out the town
You thought I was a hog but wait ´til I clown now
Basharini believe me
Still servin´ three for the 50
And I wish a motherfucker would try and get wit me
Cuz I´m nifty wit the milli when the torch is on
And play every play like it´s fourth and long
Now when the horse is gone I be the shit out the pig
It don´t take much to split a fool´s wig
See I´m only one shot from makin´ the headlines
So quick niggaz got quarters and deadline´s
Shakin´ the fed time
They checkin´ my bar codes
ATF, INS, and the US Marshals
And this ain´t nathan new to me
Capitalize on opportunity
This ain´t nathan new to me
Capitalize on opportunity

[Chorus] - 2X

This old shit ain´t new to me
I´m rockin´ stolen jewelry
Try to chill so I leave the Bay
Did dirt wit it now I gotta keep the K
Bash a dude wig over Baby Bash
He my smokin´ nephew
We be checkin´ brains and cash
We count G´s on a omni floor
Put the bloody bills wit the Tommy in the drawer
Tell mommy wit the roll "Go on break a lil´ corner off"
I don´t like that bammer
I don´t wanna cough
You got to watch every step
P-walk and pull out a tec
I thought you new I´m a vet
Let loose through my set
A-W-A-X the latex glove on my left hand can only mean death man

[Chorus] - 2X

[Jay Tee]
Now it´s that pimpin´ ass gringo
Bitch is you single?
I spit heat, hit the street, stack my Domingo
Bay Area lingo is what a playa blessed wit
Ten shots wit they own spots is all I ever mess wit
So if you´re broke
I ain´t even heard a ya
Come around me again and I´m a murder ya
I need some loot
So watch how I attack yo town
A bitch who wanna hold me, I´ll track her down
Get up in the brain, take over the soul
Four G´s a night, I´m ready to roll
A big long lac, hella beat in the trunk
Baby kick back, it´s hella heat for the funk
I dare a motherfucker to step to the Lo
One too many drinks, now he´s dead in the Rove
So call that cat´s kids tell him "Get this"
It´s Jay Tee, I´m a dog when I spit this
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