Letra de Ndy lesnie - romntic story


Letra de Andy lesnie - romantic story de A
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Letra de Andy lesnie - romantic story de A.

( A )

I know you´re the one
when you come in my window
See you at the door and I keep smiling
And I love when you see our rainbow

I hit our star just for you
But I just grateful to be wonderful
And always know as reality
I imagine kissing you forever

Baby, baby, just close your eyes
and imagine our romantic story
I think it will be beautiful
Just because you´re there
ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, uuuh (x4)

We´re like Romeo and Juliet
But it is a better story
They say it appears
As something that will never happening

But that does not matter
I know that this is real
They will not have another chance
To feel what I feel

We just have a Romantic Story

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