Letra de Scab

A.r. Kane

Letra de Scab de A.r. Kane
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Letra de Scab de A.r. Kane.

( A.R. Kane )

inside my belly, there´s scars made of jelly
they (dance) on a teddy, on aging faces friendly
her sweet smile´s getting dusty

just trust for love
don´t eat for taste

vile juice, swallow spit reason
angry scab crack split
let them all stay out me
came (moan-a-moan) from a dubway
(let them all stay out of me)
don´t turn ´em on, it´s not (?)
our glass fur´s riding today

just trust for love
don´t eat for taste, don´t go away

fresh still limbed blue love toy
painting slimmed away
don´t dance, dust dance, dancing
don´t fuck that slow one
save yourself for me

just trust for love, save yourself for me
don´t eat for taste, save yourself for me
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