Letra de Skate junction

A Love Ends Suicide

Letra de Skate junction de A Love Ends Suicide
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Letra de Skate junction de A Love Ends Suicide.

( A Love Ends Suicide )

Were not blood at heart
Were simply victims of unbarring growth
Why souls die we?ll never know

Time sets to memorize this moment that turns to ink
Let?s face the truth lets not pretend
Were dying off were spread apart were telling lies
Were breaking hearts

What happened to skate junction
Why do times fly by
Empty thoughts fill our hearts

Shadows of the night show me a sign
The ghost of you will never know
Heroes of the last disaster
Conquer the world to live again

My heart fails with every moment we once shared
My heart fails to store the moments with you

What happened to skate junction
Why do times fly by, reach out to me
Allow yourself to catch your breath
Hold close to things that matter
That?s when goodbye?s turn to hellos

So cut my hand and bleed to death
So I can cover the surface
And leave you something unforgettable

Leave today with something to set us free
And I can bleed today because some things aren?t forgettable


The moments arise, remember the simple things
Together we die; I?ll find a way out

Remember the simple things
So sick and tired of feeling this way
And moving on
Now I will always keep on moving
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