Letra de Sassquatch


Letra de Sassquatch de 3oh!3
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Letra de Sassquatch de 3oh!3.

( 3OH!3 )

The girl she´s untouchable
belongs to someone else
waking all alone and
you´ve got noone to help
screaming in the silence and
shouting in the void
noone hears you anyways
your love has been deployed

hopeless and restless[?]
your last chance is gone
she was the one for you
but now you´re aphrodites pawn
all alone your life has been a toss and turn
her touch for you is poison yet for it you only yearn

houndsbury[?] faces
nails scower cheeks
found her in nothing
i´ve been this way for weeks
the bed is made for two
yet houses only one
the liver´s gone corrosive
the knowledge of their fun
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